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Lisa - posted on 07/30/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I currently have a 10 month old and is 3 months pregnant by the same father. I recently just left him about a month ago from a abusive (physically and mentally ) we tried couples counceling and individual and it just didn't work. The day I left we got into a huge fight so I packed up my kids and I and left to my aunts for a few days. After about 5 days I return home to my electric being turned off and him ending the lease where I had to leave my home! I ended up at my aunts house where I stay now. He called child services on me saying his concerned about the kids well being. He also told them I'm MENTALLY ILL, I DON'T HAVE PATIENCE TO DEAL WITH 3 KIDS, I'M ABUSIVE, I LEAVE MY MONTH OLD BABY IN A FILLED BATH TUB, ECT. The lady told me to had to investigate but to not worry. I have token counceling before for depression BEFORE I HAD KIDS. The last session was at the age of 18. I NEVER hit my kids or neglect them. My children are up to date with all shots, never had bruising or broken bones, clean clothes always fed. Their doctor never had any complaints about the kids. I do get overwhelmed with a 3 year old and 10 month old but I always call him and remove myself from any stressful situation. So he tells his lawyer I can handle the kids and also WANTS FULL CUSTODY OF MY UNBORN once it's born. My question is can he get full custody by saying I'm mentally ill and don't have patience for my kids when I have daycare letters, doctor records, family/friend letters and full support from my family that the information he is giving is false?


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If he can't prove you unfit and CPS finds nothing of concern... not likely. Was his abuse just against you or the kids as well? Do you have police reports and documents of his abuse? If he is abusive why would he be the one you call when you get overwhelmed w/ the kids?

Basically... unless one parent can prove the other one unfit (w/ solid evidence)... joint custody is the most likely outcome. However... sometimes judges do make decisions that don't make sense, so I hope you have a good lawyer helping you through this process.

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