father wont give my daughter back but the court order states he was supposed to on monday the 1st

Milatocutie - posted on 07/02/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have been going to court for over a year and three monthes . His wife gets into every conversation we are allowed to have two weeks visitation time with my daughter each if we give 30 days notice well i gave him 3 monthes notice he emailed harassing me this past friday saying he wasnt going to let me have my summer vacation or my regular visitation i am Primary ! has he lost his everloving mind what can i do the order states he was supposed to return her monday i went to get her and he wouldnt open the door so i called the cops and he told the cops no help please


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Milatocutie - posted on 07/03/2013




thank you everyone i already called the cops and have their names the time and date it happened my lawyer is doing an emergancy motion and i have every threatning email he sent me on friday the 31st what kills me is its her birthday today and i only got to talk to her for 3 minutes before he rushed her off of the phone .

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Call your lawyer asap. Call the cops and let them know he is not abiding by the court mandated agreement.

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Have your lawyer file for charges against him for Contempt of a Court Order.
Sometimes the police can't do anything, even if you have the court order with you when you call them, until an actual judge has verified the order and issued an order for contempt. It is too easy to forge a court order to show to a regular uniform police officer--they need to know it is a true document.

Gwen - posted on 07/03/2013




Document everything, print out the harassing emails, save phone messages, etc. File a police report and CALL YOU LAWYER!

If there is a court order in place, he can't just tell the police 'No'. Take the court order with you to the police station when you file a report.

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