Fathers day gift idea's????

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My hubby is not the type to wear ties and has no real hobbies, so I am unsure what the kids can get him. What are you doing for the Dad this year.


Tamara - posted on 06/10/2011




My hubby is another one with no ties and his hobbies are something he would need to buy or he wouldnt get what he wanted/needed. I also hate buying things for him that stay in the box and end up collecting dust.

So what we do is he has a 'wishlist' on Amazon I told him to put anything he wants just stuff that I know that he wants. Then I start there. I then take the children to the store and whip out his list and see what we can get him if nothing is found that they want off his list then I let them choose, I do make suggestions but let them go with it.

This year Brendan (my 8 year old) got him a couple of books, Becky (7 year old) got him a Bluray that he wanted, my 16 year old is drawing for him and framing it, and my 17 year old wanted to bottle up his awesomeness after I said no he decided a gift card to his favorite model shop and said that he would take him to spend it then have lunch.

One year he got a beach set (different beach-games) a new glove that happened to be my sons size and balls (DHs glove is old but he refuses to play with anything else), A playground ball, and sidewalk chalk, each of the children said if they got him accessories to what they like then he can join them. And he did. He was working alot of Overtime and was just to busy, it was kind of a reminder to slow down and enjoy the children since they wont be young forever.


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My husband is a computer geek...I could get him a usb cable and he'd be happy.
I will get up early, make him a nice breakfast and then we will give him homemade cards. I have his name registered with Sproutonline.com for father's day...they will mention his name at 9am. We watch Sprout children's TV in the mornings...he will have the chance to catch it then.
I have a little picture slideshow made up, with the tune "I see me" by Travis Tritt playing behind it. It is full of pictures of JC and Daddy. I plan to post it on his Facebook wall early before he wakes up and checks his Mafia Wars.
I plan to cook his favorite meal...Beef Stroganoff.
I am going to find an excuse to get out of the house for a bit...try to give him some time with the boy one on one...which he never gets. I'm always home.

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