Fathers name on birth certificate?

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Im due at any moment now, im 38 weeks pregnant today. My childs father broke up with me when I was 4months pregnant. He has not shown that he wants to be a father. I was given a baby shower I got alot of gifts but somethings I did not get. The father would not get any of what she needed. So child support is a must. But does he deserve his name on the birth certificate?


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If you want to file for child support, it will be much easier if you put his name on the birth certificate. That said, you do NOT have to give the baby his last name. You can name him as father, but give the child your own last name.

If you do not want to put him on the birth certificate, you will have to prove paternity if you file for child support. This usually means you paying for a paternity test out of pocket, and if he refuses to get one, you paying for all of the court proceedings in order to get a court ordered paternity test in addition to the actual test. In a lot of states, you cannot do this without an attorney, and that can get expensive too, but if his name is on the birth certificate you can file for child support and establish visitation rights without having to go through the expense of a lawyer....that said, it is much easier with one, and if visitation becomes an issue, you will need one anyway, so you might want to just go ahead and hire one.

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If you want him to support the child, you must acknowledge paternity. If you don't want to admit that he's the child's father, don't expect him to want to help you in the effort of supporting the child.

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