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My daughter had a heavy duty wenzelite walker. It was 6 years old and

she needed a new one. We went to a dealer and brought her and the walker. They saw the steel walker, and said they would order a new one. When the walker came in it was light weight metal. They told us

that they do not make heavy duty walkers anymore. We said we would try it. It began tipping and moving badly. We had the PT look at it.

He said it was not right for Jackie. We went back to the company and

they said they do not make heavy walkers. I went home and stayed up to 3am. I found the same walker she already had before.

I went back to the company and told them. They called the PT. He asked them if there was anything else available. They said NO. They told us that he said he would work with Jackie in PT.

When I questioned PT he said that he told them they should find a

heavier walker, and if they could not, he would work with Jackie.

They said they ordered the heavier duty walker for her, and it would be in Friday (yesterday) or Monday. I am a nervous wreck, because

they didn't care. I called a lawyer, and they said if we have trouble to call them back. I also feel like going to the papers or the police.

If my daughter falls. What do I do. Please someone give me some input.




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if you have insurance, contact them. Ask to have a case manager assigned to you. Very often the insurance company will work with you to find the correct equipment. It's cheaper for them to help you on this one than not to because if you keep buying the wrong equipment, the more money they'll have to shell out.

(I work for an HMO and have some notion of how they work)

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