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As I read posts with the same worries I have and read responses it seems silly. But, on a daily basis I am scared that my child will be hurt by another kid kr be hurt running or playing with other kids. I feel super nervous when he is playing. I just want to take him inside. I try to find excuses why we have to go in and its not fair to him. I know this. Why cant I control it? I never let grandma and grandpa watch him as I am scared something will happen to him. He isnt going to be little forever. I feel like sometimes I deprive him. But, its toooo stressful for me to watch him play.. :(


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Gena - posted on 04/11/2015




I agree with Jodi. Have you considered going to counseling? Children need to learn and there will always be situations where they might fall and bump their head or scrape their knees on the pavement. It's normal and important for them growing. You wont be able to watch your child forever. He will go to school and play. I have a good example what happened last year. There were alot of bees flying around in our yard,I told my son he must wear sandals because of the bees. He didn't lists, went barefoot and got stung. It hurt for a moment but now he knows its important to wear sandals when bees are flying around on the grass. Now if I would have kept him inside he wouldn't know the consequences. Kids need to learn,even when they get hurt sometimes. It's totally normal. I am not saying you should let your son do everything he wants. There are situations where a mother should tell their child it's dangerous. You need to learn to let go and not worry constantly. Good luck

Jodi - posted on 04/10/2015




You are depriving him. You need to allow him to take small risks as this is how children learn. If you don't allow him to do this learning through small risk now, later, he is more likely to take bigger risk, and the consequences for those are MUCH worse. Maybe you should consider some counselling for your anxieties if you are so stressed when he plays.

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