Fearful of Losing Custody

Sarah - posted on 05/08/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hey moms... I'm a new mom to a 10 month old. He is my absolute pride and joy.
Unfortunately his dad and I have had ongoing court custody battle since he was 1 month old.. We finally settled things and our last court date went awesome. He dropped a restraining order on me and we agreed on a schedule that works perfect for our son and for us.

Anyways, we did recently date and after the breakup I've been a little more sad than him and taking it harder. It's only been a month and he's dating someone new. I wrote his new girlfriend asking to please wait til they are stable and serious enough before meeting my son.
Can I lose custody for that?? As in, that being crazy behavior??? I am just worrisome because we have such a track record of going to court..


Sarah - posted on 05/09/2016




I agree that unless the letter was threatening, you should not worry. However, moving forward it is a good idea to frame your requests to his father and trust him to parent your child safely. Focus on just you and your time with your son.

Dove - posted on 05/08/2016




While I understand your feelings and a letter like that should have no bearing on the custody... it actually isn't your right to tell the father who he can and can not have around his son unless there is a court order detailing that information.

You can certainly request from him that she not be around just yet... but whether or not she IS around your son is up to him entirely.


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Shelbie - posted on 05/08/2016




No, you cannot lose custody over that, you are just looking out for your child. Which is what you should be doing hun. Great job, you go with your gut instinct okay, if you feel someone isn't right for your son to be around, so be it. Your ex man cannot argue with that. Good luck hun.

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