FEARS: getting over them.

Jennifer - posted on 01/13/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter overheard some teen-ager talking about a horror movie and ever since she is afraid to go upstairs alone. Once she's up there, she will only stay there if in our bed. Even then, she has a terrible time getting to sleep unless we are there with her.

We've been to counceling, and that's how the root of the fear was discovered. But I'm worried that she still harbors this fear. She knows the movie was fiction, but she says "Even though I know its not real, its still scary when I think about it."

Anyone have some ideas to help her get over her fears more often? I really want her to be more independent with her nightly routines and not be so afraid to be in her own bedroom, even in the day.


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My first little girl is like this and she would have dreams over her fears of everything.I always told her nothing in her home would ever hurt her and her home was very safe.I told her that sometimes when i was younger i felt the same&had bad dreams too ..This gave her so much comfort to no its okay to feel this way and she really started to come round from the bad dreams.We always talked together about the dreams and when she started school and had a new sister it brought up some fears in her.Again i was able to just comfort her and reassure her its okay and shes safe and there's nothing to feel scared of etc.Were also getting a dream catcher together which she is very excited about.So Sarah has a good point about some kind of a toy etc.Wish you all the best.

Sarah - posted on 01/15/2010




When I was a child, I was very shy and withdrawn. I remember being afraid of all kinds of things. Most of my fears stemmed from my overactive imagination and the news. My mom told me that whenever I got scared to just think about something nice. It helped a lot since I could just make up my own story as to what was happening without being frightened. It helped with nightmares too.

I also remember being terrified of kindergarden. The first few days I was there, I cried the entire time. My mom gave me a little key chain flash light, and showed me to use it. She said everytime I got scared or missed her to just push the button until the light shown, and that meant everything was okay because she loved me. That worked really well until the bulb burned out (lol), but by that time I was use to everything.

So maybe some kind of toy or tinket or something would help. You could always tell her whatever it is will protect her from whatever "evil" because you love her so much and love is the most powerful thing in the world. LOL It sounds so crazy it just might work!

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