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Ok I am trying and have tried to get along with my exs wife.Well find out she is a back stabber and a liar.Apparently she dont want me and my sons father to get along.I think she is mad do to things did not go there way in court.So she calls CPS on me and all Im thinking is she wants my son but my son who is 3 does not want to talk to her on the phone or see her because when he sees her he freezes up.I dont say nothing bad or negative about either one of them around my son.The CPS lady did not find nothing wrong with the house at all and she was here 2 times. I am sorry for anyone who cannot have kids.This is the only one i had. i lost one may 25th I was 16weeks. I found out that my chromozone 18 did not have enough or 2 much of it.Then just found out that I a duplication of chromozone 10q.But I had my tubes tied and now she is doing anything to take my son from me. i think she is obssesed with my son.So i give up tring to be nice but calling cps on me was the last draw for me.


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I've had my own issues w/ my ex's wife (and my ex) and have no possible way of dealing w/ them, so all I've got is good luck!!


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Do you think maybe a lawyer could help protect you from her? It sounds to me like she doesn't care about the boundaries of the law...and those laws are set to protect YOU.
if she is harassing you, that is illegal.
If she is slandering you, that is illegal.
If she is stalking you, that is illegal.
If she is conspiring to take your child, that is illegal.
If she is filing false reports with CPS, that is illegal.

Collect EVERY email, text message, voice mail, facebook message and document everything. Learn how to take a screen shot of your computer screen. Often times just copy and paste is NOT admissible in court. If you take a SNAPSHOT of her words they CAN be used in court, against her. Talk to a lawyer...there are laws to protect you from her.

Louise - posted on 03/04/2011




I think this woman is severly insecure and thinks that there is still something between your ex and you. What you need to do now is have a meeting with a mediator between you and your ex and then with her involved. You and your ex want what is the best for your child and if the relationship is being compromised by this woman then it needs to be addressed. you could go back to court and say that your child is feeling uncomfortable in this womans presence and that you feel supervised visitation is in his best interest. She is using your child as a pawn in this mind game. If you stay strong and civil in whatever she throws at you then you are the better person. Your ex knows you and he will come to realise that his new wife is a nut job. Keep your decorum and rise above it. Let her send around cps they will soon get fed up with visiting you, you have nothing to hide. No court is going to remove your child from you unless they can prove drug, alcohol or physical abuse. The courts will frown on time wasters and all she is doing is winding herself up. Just imagine the disappointment on her face when cps gets back to her and say there is nothing wrong. Just keep that thought in your mind and smile! You have your son and she has a man that you no longer want. Who wins!!!!1

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