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Hi im a mother of two, just about surviving i am currently working as a waitress in a bar in the next town to me and am know just working weekends for a couple of hours dont get to see my kids and i have tried finding websites for jobs online and so far have all been scams any suggestions where to look or know any jobs online available? many thanks kay x


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Most online jobs are scams. I know American Airlines used to hire call center reps who work from home, not sure if they still do or not. I had a neighbor who did it for a while. You have to have a completely quiet environment--so if your kids are still too young to stay perfectly quiet while you work, you can't have them with you. You also need a high speed internet connection, and a landline phone. It doesn't pay much--I think she maid like $9/hour, but her husband took care of their bills and this was just her "fun money".

I work from home, but I have always created my own jobs. I didn't go to college, so I knew I would never make enough to support myself working for someone else. My first job was a website I designed that paired pro photographers with vendors who sold prints, frames, and other products photographers like to offer their clients Photographers paid a fee for access to the site, vendors paid a fee to have their products listed. All I had to do was keep the website running and list the products. A couple years in a opened a small company that made jewelry pendents with photographs in them and marketed that through my website. That wasn't really a "work at home" job. I hired a manager and staff so that I would not need to invest too much of my time, but it quickly grew out of control and I was there 20 to 30 hours a week.
I eventually sold both of those companies and used the capital to buy an office building in our financial district (I had to take out a mortgage as well). I have a few small businesses who lease space in it--most have been there since I bought the building. I use a property management company to manage it so that I don't have to spend much time on it--I pay the mortgage & taxes, but the management company does all the maintenance, money collection, insurance, etc. and they just send me a check every month. I work on that about an hour a month. Paying the management company does take away a big chunk of my profit, but I still manage a couple thousand dollars a month after I pay the mortgage. I could make twice that if I did the management myself, but I'd rather be at home.

Lately, I've started a small photography studio in some of the vacant space in my building, mostly just for fun. I do it while my son is at school, so I focus on corporate headshots, product photography, and such. If I did family portraits or weddings I would have to work outside school hours. Plus, I just don't have the education for that kind of varied shooting.

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