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Hi my baby is 8th month old now.but still she is completely dependent on my breastfeeding.she is not eating any other food and whenever im trying to feed her forcefully she is vomitting.pl help me.how can I make my baby eat?


Pradnya - posted on 12/16/2013




Hi ushasree,

First of all i would say Do not force feed ur baby ever . Always follow ur babies lead n cues when it comes to meals . I would suggest first breastfeed Ur little one well.....then after 1 hr ....if she is in good mood offer a few spoons of solids ...if she is refusing try addling little breast milk to it ....usually babies accept anything with breast milk. but if she refuses ...pl do not force feed. if she is vomiting ....just let go .I feel feel feeding should be fun n mess but never a fight ......My Dr said start by one feed a day and increase slowly to four feeds per day ....very slowly though . My Dr also suggested me to start solids as the first meal of the day ...since babies a re very hungry in morning they tend to be more receptive to solids at that time ......but in my case ...my baby just didn't accept it ...so i bf her in morning and then give solids after an hr as i told u . My little one is 10 months old and still there are days when she doesnt take solids ...there are times when my baby takes just a spoon or so for a feed and at other times takes almost 6 to 8 spoons of solids . As long as Ur baby is gaining good weight...according to doctors .. don't worry .just keep on experimenting with different tastes for her . here is a link on solids i liked very much ...i like this Dr s approach a lot so take a look

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