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How do I teach my 6 month old baby boy to pick up food and feed himself??


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Jessica - posted on 12/13/2013




Babies don't develop the 'pincher grasp' (finger and thumb grasp) until around 9 months old. Until then, babies can only roughly grab and squeeze. I gave my baby some steamed soft carrot or pumpkin or strips of toast (with the crust cut off) to start with. Don't expect much more than squeezing and smearing at this point. I lay the bits of prepared food in front of my girl and grab one myself and eat it and make chewing motions and just eat WITH her. She quickly picks up my actions and mimics me as best as she can. Sometimes I hand her a piece as well so she gets the hang of it. Cheerios don't dissolve very easily and aren't easy for babies to gum - avoid hard foods or cereals and pick things that are soft or easy to dissolve (like toast - I even melt a little bit of cheese on them to make them a little soggier). Save the cheerios til your baby is a bit more practiced at chewing and moving chunks of food in their mouth (8-9 months).

Sara - posted on 12/12/2013




I started with regular cherrios on my children's high chair trays. Just sit him in his high chair at feeding time and place some cherrios on his try see what he does, Good Luck!

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