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I have a 15 day old son, my wife breastfeeds and also gives him a bottle, he seem that he is always hungry, how much is 2 much?


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What Lori said is right on it. Breastfeeding is very frequent. Plus, to beable to tell if they are eating enough is when they go poop, and it looks seedy, yellow. They should have up to 5-6 wet/bm diapers.

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A newborn should be nursing very frequently. A breastfed baby won't eat too much. You can however overfeed with bottles. Breastmilk digests very quickly, and a little baby has a tiny tummy. It's about the size of baby's fist. So… yes baby is going to be hungry frequently. Sometimes a baby may want/need to eat every hour… or more. On "average" a breastfed baby should eat about every 2 hours. And that's from the beginning of a feed until the beginning of the next feed. So if it takes 20 minutes to feed baby, then it's about 1 hour 40 minutes of not feeding….. IF it's a 2 hour stint. Breastfed babies generally shouldn't be put on a schedule. They should be fed on demand, or on cue. If baby is showing signs of hunger, the breast should be offered. A new mom who is breastfeeding can feel like the baby is attached to her ALL DAY LONG, and that's pretty close to the truth. Some babies take more than 20 minutes for a feed, and want to feed every hour for several hours in a row… so basically mom feeds baby, gets a very short break from feeding, and has to go right back to feeding.

If you don't mind me asking…. why are you also offering a bottle? Expressed milk or formula? It's generally suggested that you wait till breastfeeding is well established (about 6 weeks) before offering a bottle (formula or expressed milk), as bottle feeding can very negatively impact breastfeeding.

Here's a good page to start on when you need some basic info about breastfeeding:

And here's a great article about Dad's supporting the nursing Mother:

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