Feeding a 8 month old.

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So, my babeh is eight months.. Almost nine. And I'm scared sh*tless to feed him table food. I don't know whether I should give him cookies, bread. You know? Well I do give him bread, these chips called twists. They're soft, they melt in your mouth. But he almost choked. He has 8 teeth, He got two when he turned 3 months. And the top around 4 months. And the other 4 around 5 months. So he had them for awhile. But I know, I've heard not to leave them on baby food too long. Any suggestions on what kind of foods I can give him? That are safe? Oh, And my mom gives him everything! As long as I'm not there. :(


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JuLeah - posted on 04/27/2011




You ought to be frightened :) What most America's eat is toxic. Orgainic, close to the Earth. His liver will go into overdrive in an effort to remove toxins from his system if you feed him foods with color dyes, trans fats, chemicals .... don't put that stress on his little body.
Softer foods he can chew with ease, cooked veggies, bannana maybe ... and eight months is not too long to have him on baby foods, but you can start feeding him what you eat, just soft and small bits.

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How does he do on the foods your mom gives him? What kind of things does she feed him? As long as it's healthy, safe (no honey and I forget what else), and he doesn't choke.... it's fine. Cooked veggies, soft fruit pieces, Cheerios, etc...

It's been a LONG time since my girls were that age (they're 9 now), so I don't remember what they were eating and my son (now 3) really wasn't eating solids yet at that age.

September - posted on 04/27/2011




Our son was pretty much eating what we were eating when he was eight months old with the exception of honey and nuts. I was just sure to cut his food up super small and always watched him closely. I would go with the softer foods like fresh steamed veggies, mash potatoes, over cooked pasta, tofu, beans and stuff of that sort. I never fed our son baby food, I've always just homemade all of his foods. When he was smaller I would puree everything but I stopped doing that at about 7 months of age.

Bonnie - posted on 04/27/2011




I started giving my boys table food at 7 months old, I made sure it was small pieces and soft. I would give them bread, green beans, pasta, peas, and of course any of the Gerber products like puffs, yogurt pieces that melt, and pieces of cereal bar.

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