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Brittany - posted on 12/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My LO is a week shy of turning 4 months old. I currently add rice cereal to her bottle to help with her acid reflux. I've tried to feed her with a spoon but she doesn't want any part of it. My mom told me when I start to feed her fruits and veggies that I need to mix it with the rice cereal. Last night we just did a trial run and still did not want any part of the apple sauce mixed with the cereal. So I decided just to try the apple sauce by itself and it was a miracle. She LOVED it!! So I guess my question is, is it a must to mix the fruits and veggies with the cereal or can I just continue to add the cereal to her bottles and feed the fruits and veggies by spoon to her. If so how do I know how much of the fruits and veggies to give her. I don't want to over feed her and make her sick!


Dove - posted on 12/13/2012




Cereal actually isn't 'needed' at all. I understand putting it in the bottles for the reflux (my ped would've recommended it if my son hadn't been breastfed straight from the tap), but as far as eating from the spoon.... you don't ever have to use cereal.

At her young of an age she doesn't NEED solids yet (actually doesn't NEED them til close to a year), so definitely just a teaspoon or two every few days is more than enough right now. Solids under a year are just for tasting experiences and fun... Solids for nutritional purposes and calories are at/over a year. :)

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