Feeding ideas for a months old baby boy

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Help... Any advice please .. My 6 mon. Old baby boy weigh 16 lbs.

he started to eat around 5 months old ,but all of the sudden, he is rejecting the formula , cereal , fruits or veggies purée that I m making home ,I did everything possible but our feeding session is always struggle and feeding by force or trying distraction.

Only baby yogurt , he likes and open to eat willingly.

Nothing physically as per Pediatration.

What can I do ? He is not easy to trick either, as added the yogurt to mix fruits or veggies but once he sees spoon , he seal his lips.

Formula oz consumed average 7- to 15 within 24 hrs and 2 meals-2 tbsp each ( by force )

I give him yogurt 2 times to make up other food

I hv been throwing left over food and formula everyday that can feed another baby , so frustrating

I am worried sick about him and falling sick now. Pls advise , really appreciate it


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Not eating food wouldn't concern me at all and I would definitely quit trying to force feed him. At 6 months he doesn't even NEED solids yet.

The refusing formula thing would concern me though. Maybe he would like a sippy cup or a straw cup?

Maybe if you stop trying to get him to eat solids he will start taking the formula again? I'd give that a try for a couple of days and if he's still refusing the formula I'd be going back to the doctor. Definitely bring him to the doctor/hospital asap if he starts showing signs of dehydration though as that can turn dangerous fast.

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