Feeding issues?

Sabrina - posted on 08/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Does anyone else have this problem?? I know there are picky eaters but in time it passes....however my 3 and a half year old daughter won't even look at anything unless it's pizza (she picks all toppings off and just eats the dough.) or goldfish, the occasional rice cookie and orange juice only. She use to eat everything until around 16 months then she refused. We have been trying (I mean everyone!! Kids her age etc) to get her to at least try it, but instead of getting any better it's worse. The starving thing does not work with her (as she won't touch anything to the point she has to go into the hospital) and it would further create an already phobia of food...she gags on everything with textures and pukes it all out...now my doctor will be sending her to a feeding specialist. Has anyone had to resort to this route?


Kimberly - posted on 08/18/2012




Sabrina I do know what you are going through but hang in there!!!! My daughter flat out refused to eat anything for weeks on end and it got to the point that I couldnt stop breastfeeding he cause she would have died from lack of food. She was losing weight and they were going to start tube feeding her, we were in feeding clinics who didnt know how to help me. As a final straw we went to a live in clinic for a week with 24/7 nurses to help you. We pretty much had to get her to stop b/f, eat food and sleep through the night. It was hard work but it did pay off, I was able to leave after a week with a child that still had a little nurse morning and night but I was no longer her main food. I kept a strict routine for six weeks following and we havent looked back since. She was 18 months then and now will be 3 in nov, she is still not a huge eater but she does eat, A few things I learned was quality is better then quanity so if she will only have three bits of something make them count. Offer only healthy options ( yes this will result in tantrums for a bit) Have fruit and yogurts, cheese, lunch meats, veggies, rasins, and other low gi healthy snacks. If she wants pizza try to make your own dough with wholemeal flour and see if you can finely shred carrot or another veggie into the base and see if she will help you put pineapple and ham on it. Make muffins with veggies and meat in them as a savoury rather then sweet. I know how frustrating it is when they wont eat but try to limit the choices so she is still picking but she has only healthy things also stop all junk and juices, flavoured milks, soft drinks etc cause all these do is provide a sugar rush and make everything more emotional.Also take trying things slowly so for the first night say have peas just on her plate, next night try to touch them, next put them to her lips, then take them in her mouth until she tries one( helps if she sees you eating and enjoying the same thing) Make meal time enjoyable( I know it seems impossible at this point) and ask about her day and chat while eating so not so focused on her food. Things will get better and it does take time but hang in there, we never believed we would see out daughter eat but after a 14 months battle she finally did, there are still some things she refuses to eat and that is ok because I know she has enough of other things to make up for it. Best of luck

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