Feeding issues..

Sandra - posted on 12/30/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Sooooo my lil man will be 3 months on jan. 6 and starting about the 25th im having feeding issues. He is formula bottle feed, he drinks 4-5oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hour except when hes sleeping... But recently starting about dec 25th i can barely get him to drink 1oz hell take a couple sucks and the stop hell just want it in his mouth and he mimicks sucking but he really isnt doing it. I give him 2oz of prune juice everyday twice because we had such a hard time finding the right formula for him due to his GERD that a rice based formula was the only one that worked but it makes him constipated so thats why the juice. Anyway he sucks his juice down no problem but his formula nopeeeee maybe 1oz, 2oz if im lucky. I took him to the ped md and he said its a mixture of his GERD,constipation,colic and teething now... im worried though how long can he go with only drinking 1oz every couple hours if that. He has no fever,no tugging at ears no symptoms other then being a little extra fussy and decreased feeding :(

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