feeding issues with my 7 and a half month old?

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My daughter is 7 and a half months old and I am having a very hard time with feeding.

She WAS eating rice cereal with no problems. she would tolerate pureed veggies and never was a fan of fruit. For the past week she has been giving me a hard time. As soon as I put her in her high chair she screams bloody murder. Then when She sees the spoon she shakes her head and closes her mouth. I will play "here comes the airplane" with the spoon to distract her but she will just close her mouth and scream. I know she is hungry though. If I do manage to get her to take a bite she will then try to grab the spoon out of my hand because she would rather feed herself. I have let her feed herself from the spoon but after a bite or 2 she cries and closes her mouth again.

She has no teeth so I am kind of scared to start with finger foods, although I feel I might have to because I know she should be eating. I tried giving her a baby mum-mum rusk today and she licked it but then threw it because she thought it was a toy (even after watching me eat one)

I have NO issues with her drinking her formula. She is also doing well with the sippy cup..she drinks water in it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this? I know she is hungry but she wont eat it and just screams until I give in and give her a bottle.



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Danielle - posted on 05/27/2010




Try the three spoon game, give her a spoon to hold in each hand while you feed her with the third one, when she grabs at the spoon in your hand she'll put one down, you grab that one and use it to feed her, she might find it to be a fun game of musical spoons.
also, maybe don't give her a bottle right before hand, give her some food and once she's done eating then give her the bottle. There's also the point where if you try to feed her and she won't eat, give it fifteen minutes and try again.. sometimes babies just don't want to eat when you want them too! Good luck!

Emily - posted on 05/27/2010




At that age, her main source of calories and nutrition should still be from milk. Solids should not be a huge part of the diet, just for play and learning. So if she doesn't want it, don't push it.. If she wants her bottle, give her that.

You might look into baby-led weaning. It sounds like she just wants to feed herself, which is very common. Babies don't need teeth in order to eat and chew. My first child didn't get his first tooth until a week before his first birthday, but he was eating everything I eat, with the exception of nuts and lettuce.

Kristin - posted on 05/27/2010




She may be teething or there could be an underlying illness. It never hurts to have a peditrician check for this stuff.

You don't need to worry about the teeth and giving her finger foods. Has she got the pincer grasp? If so, cheerios, teething biscuits, zweiback toast, banana slices, etc. are a great place to start. When you are feeding her, try different temperatures and maybe some new textures. You each get a spoon and you both feed her. Instead of a bottle of formula, make it a sippy only for her meal times. She may be boycotting because she is bored with what she's been getting or frustrated with the pace of eating.

I hope this helps a bit. They really go through some weird phases with food.

Angela - posted on 05/27/2010




Is she teething?? That's a tough one! I guess my suggestions would include try feeding her somewhere other than her high chair (ie your lap, a bouncer chair or excer-saucer, gosh even the floor if she's sitting on her own) or just give it a break for a little bit. My youngest is almost 2 (I have a 3 and 7yo too) and I'm trying to remember how much baby food they're supposed to have at 7mos... maybe cut back on the formula/liquids- do you give her a little formula prior to feeding solids? I usually did that just to take the edge off their hunger! Good luck!!

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