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Toni - posted on 11/17/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son is 4ms old he was born at 35 weeks, he weight 5lbs 6oz, he now now weights 10lbs 4oz. he did weigh 10lbs 7oz, we have had muliple ultra sounds and xrays. he has had surgrey on his floppy air. he has a GI appt in dec. 14th and a feeding clinic very soon. he is only eating 3-31/2 ozs. every 3hrs. soemthimes he does very well but most of the time not. he does not latch very well, and he sleeps alot. it is diffuicult to feed him because he keeps going to sleep. we have tried many different formulas. non make a difference. he does have reflux. if anybody has any advice it would be very helpful.


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Sarah - posted on 11/18/2015




Depending on when his surgery was, the weight loos may certainly be due to the stress of the procedure. As long as he is maintaining and not losing more weight, take him to the scheduled appointments. If he loses more weight, or seems even more lethargic. Call you doctor and get him evaluated sooner. Dove gives good advice with maybe more frequent lower volume feedings?

Dove - posted on 11/18/2015




The fact that he just about doubled his birth weight in 4 months is good.

Granted, losing weight at this age is never 'good', but I likely wouldn't be too concerned about only 3oz... Was the surgery recent? Is that when the appetite decreased and the sleepiness increased? I would assume that a little of that is normal... Will he eat more often? If he keeps going to sleep maybe you could try to feed him every 1.5 hours for a while.

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