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Hi i was wondering , my daughter is one week shy of being 4 months and i started feeding her baby cereal about a week ago, I know doctors say to wait until they are 6 months but i do not agree.My daughter loves the Heinz banana yogourt baby cereal.she doesnt have any problems digesting,no vomiting,,,Also she sleeps better and longer..To me she was very hungry and in my opinion the formula wasnt enough..I give her one tea spooon 3 times a day..I just wanted to know other moms opinions and what you guys have done...If anyone thinks its bad or good :)
opinions help so please help me im new at this :) thank you moms!!


Dove - posted on 10/14/2014




3 times a day is way too much for a baby that shouldn't even be on solids yet. A few bites once a day is more than enough. I didn't even have my babies that started solids too early on it 3 times/day til at least 8 months. My third wasn't even eating once a day til around 9 months....

Formula (or breast milk) absolutely has all your baby needs right now.

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