Feel distant from my husband after having a child?

Ellie - posted on 11/23/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Dear moms...a little bit about our life..We've been married for about 4 years and we have 2,5 year old son. We both are working full time, on daily basis, we're pretty much working as a team whenever possible (like sharing duties taking care of our son/picking up-dropping off at the day care, doing house chores while I'm preparing food/cooking dinner, cleaning up the house/laundry, etc).

But I noticed in the last few months, I feel so distant from my husband..( he is in the other hand is really wonderful loving husband and father..so caring and attentive). I really have no idea what to do...I feel tired, no desire to be close to him, I don't even think about sex anymore. I feel frustrated more each day when I think about this. He's very understanding, but I know that deep down he's missing our intimacy and sex life. I'm pretty much like a robot, after I'm back from long day at work, all I want to do is just taking care our son, preparing dinner, take a shower and go to bed. I know that he's missing our intimacy, I know that he's doing his best to make me happy or helping me around the house, he still comes to me to snuggle, giving me all the attention...but I still don't have that 'desire' to have sex or having intimate moment with him. I don't know what's wrong with me (seems I have no emotion, no spark when I'm beside him..just bland). I'm sad and frustrated and dissapointed with myself....I'm ending up just blaming myself..the more I think about this, the more upset I am with myself. I don't talk about this problem with my husband, because I know it's not his fault..the problem is in me..he's already doing the best for me and our son with all his loving care.

Have you moms out there ever experienced something like this? Is it normal? what am I supposed to do. Any suggestions or advice or encouragement would be a big help and appreciated..Thanks in advance!!

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