Feeling guilty and stressed over baby's weight!

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I am 37w6d have only gained 1-2lbs since my last growth u/s done at 34w3d. At the most recent u/s (Friday) I was told the baby weighs 9lbs and is measuring large and up to 41weeks in certain measurements. Is it possible for a baby to gain 2lbs in 3 weeks which would be more than I have gained? I am tested regularly for GD and it always comes back normal and I do not have preeclampsia. I will however be induced at 39 weeks due to a hx of hypertension. This is my first baby and all this talk of him being 'big' is making me very nervous. How do I not stress for the next week about his weight? Should I expect an 11lb baby at this point? Is there any reason why they won't induce me earlier?


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Weight estimates for unborn babies are notoriously inaccurate. It's common for the error to be 1 to 2 pounds in either direction... or up to 20%.

If they guess that your baby is 9 pounds, that means that your baby is probably no smaller than 7 pounds, and no bigger than 11 pounds. What you should take away from the 9 pound estimate is that you don't need to worry about a low birth weight baby.

It's possible that your baby is very long and lean. It's possible your baby just has long legs or a large head. Babies come in all shapes and sizes.

The weight that you gain at this point can't be used to indicate the baby's weight gain at all. Larger women do tend to have larger babies, but only a small percentage of your weight gain is the baby growing.

Pregnant women in third trimester retain a lot of fluid at times. I once gained 9lbs in one week. That's impossible. A person would have to eat 40,000 calories to maintain a normal activity level and gain nine pounds. My size extra-small maternity clothes all still fit the same! It was mostly fluid retention. I probably got weighed on a low day and then I high day.

Anyway, try not to worry. You know that your baby isn't going to be low birth weight, and that he or she will probably be average or above average in size or weight. That's all you really know at this point.

And I personally know lots of people who delivered 9, 10 or 11 pound babies no problem. You're still within a very safe range. 7 to 11 pounds is a good size for a healthy baby and safe labour and delivery.

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