Feeling inadequate compared to ex's fiancée...

Michelle - posted on 11/08/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My ex started dating a coworker and proposed a couple of months afterwards...his 2nd girlfriend since the divorce (we've only been divorced a year after 16 years married/21 years together). He got 50% custody of the kids, then announced the engagement. My 7 year old daughter cannot stop talking about how perfect this woman is.....cooking, activities, etc. I'm glad that my kids have a nice stepmom-to-be, but it's all I hear when my kids are home with me. Help!


Ev - posted on 11/08/2014




Be happy that they are getting someone like that. Not every child or set of children that get step moms or even step dads get good ones. I am not saying all step parents are bad or not too good with kids but there are some that just are not great with step kids. And you should not feel inadequate to her. Your kids love you and you should know that. Express that everyday to them by saying it. Its important that they hear that. They need to know it even though things are changing yet again for them. And just because right now it seems that things are great, when the kids do go over there after she does become step mom; your kids, your ex and she will have to work to make a blended family mix well. Its not always going to be as your kids express it now. There is going to come a day when she has to put the kids in their place for not following the house rules or something and they are not going to like it. You will hear about that too. She is not perfect either. And right now she is trying to make a good impression on your kids and get to know them so it will seem that everything is perfect. Life is and never was meant to be perfect.

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