Feeling like a loser mum!!

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My son is driving me to the brink with his attitude.. I have his best friend staying here too because his mum moved away..hes 19, both out of work, both sleeping all day, lazing around doing nothing, Ive tried speaking to them Ive recently been paid off my job and still they expect me to keep us all including my 16 year old daughter here on my benefit. Im literally in dispair with them all, they are horrible, disrespectful, lazy and just treat me like a doormat.. I threaten to put them out but it like talking to a brick wall...they still wont move to look for a job or anything


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Serve 'em with eviction notices. Give them a timeline of 30 days to be employed and contributing to the home, or hit the door.

My eldest, as soon as he graduated from HS, got a job and started paying me room & board. He's now got his own flat, and is prospering nicely on his own. I didn't have to force a thing. If he can figure it out on his own, I know yours can.

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