feeling lonely and unattractive

Katherine - posted on 01/26/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm a stay at home mum my partner is great we love each other but he rarely compliments me on my looks. Sometimes I feel like I have to fish for them.... Makes me think he no longer desires me (plus our sex life is awful) I even took time to look extra nice earlier and it was still terrible.

He thinks I'm being negative. I think he would prefer sleeping with someone else. Insecurity is making me act 'silly' plus mY 30th birthday is approaching and I'm dealing with some kind of crisis! I have some friends but they are not mums yet. They r busy being free and traveling and partying and I feel left out. I thought being a bit older having a baby I would not be this way because I remember how lonely it was to go out weekends get drunk and go home alone was. I do enjoy my new life I'm just going through a phase I guess. My man just doesn't seem to want me as much as he used to and its almost as if its a chore. Plus romance has taken a back seat. Will it pass? I also have dreams that are troubling me; nightmares that my son dies and everyone blames me; especially my partner. I have dreams that I've snuck out on a quick trip to the shops only to go to a club and get hit on by random men and lose track of time. In the dream I don't have my phone and I know my partner would be stressed but i keep just enjoying the attention. Not cheating just being irresponsible in the dreams. I love my partner i don't want anybody else. He's just quicker to criticize than compliment. Plus I feel like he finds me physically repulsive. Sigh*

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