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Not mommy related just need to vent somewhere, I just turned 30 this past weekend and I know I shouldn't let little things bother me however, I had a birthday dinner and my father and I share the same birthday which is great. so my father was there with his new girlfriend they were the first people there other then two friends of mine and I went and said hello and happy birthday to him hugged him gave him his card and sat down for a few minutes and as I was talking his girlfriend informed me that where I was sitting was being saved for my brother his wife and kid.. now I know it sounds a bit silly to be upset over something so little but I always feel like I am being pushed aside for my brother and his wife which I may add they see everyday and I don't get to see him as much as I live about half hour away. just the way it was said hurt now my father did say I could sit there and that it didn't matter where they sat but after that comment I felt like I wasn't welcomed to sit there with them does this seem silly to you?


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I'd have blown her off, personally. No one tells me where I can sit to visit with my daddy. Not his trophy wife, not his step kids...

Plus, it sounds as if you hosted the deal, so who is she to tell you where you can/cannot sit in your home?

Next time smile, say "oh, well, if it looks like they need more space when they get here, we'll see what we need to do", and continue your other conversation.

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