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Sarah - posted on 09/16/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello, i have 3 children my eldest is 10 middle 18 months youngest 3 month.
I love all my children to bits, but found myself staring at 4 walls waking up to do the same thing day in day out, I play games during the day with kids, but I also seem to have no time to get them out, I have playgroups I can go to, and I have plenty of friends, its sounds pretty much perfect, but its not i have found myself counting down the hours for my eldest to finish school, or my partner to finish work just so i can have some adult conversation, because my kids are so close in age I don't have time to put my makeup on in the morning or time to dry my hair they both scream at me in the morning whilst I can just rush to get a quick shower and to brush my teeth I then rush downstairs to feed them both my elsest and the dog, i have found myself crying because I'm feeling low and have no one to talk to during the day, i cancel dates with my friends and I feel I don't have the confidence to go out to playgroupsbbecause I haven't blow dried my hair because I haven't got my make up on so if I ever walk out the house with non of that I feel shy I feel everyone is looking at me thinking I'm such a mess, I care to much what everyone thinks, I don't tell my friends because they will say I'm always glam but...that's the only side they have ever seen of me, I can't stand been in the house anymore I cry all the time but just pull my socks up and keep going for my kids I even think my partner will come home and think is this what I've got to look at, my confidence is shatter, and I can't return off my maternity leave because I can't afford the childcare I would work out I'm paying to work but can't get no help because my partner has a decent wage, so I'm going to work nights and have my kids in the day the thought of starting a new job new people is scaring the hell out of me I've been applying as we need the money...but for now I can't stand this everyday the same and I get both my kids to sleep at the same time just so I can have my house clean and tidy and a nice home fie my partner and eldest to come home to, I cry all the time and feel like a failure there's got to me more to life than worrying what people think about me...


Sarah - posted on 09/16/2016




You sound terribly depressed. Call your doctor and get yourself evaluated for PPD, you may need therapy, medication or both.

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