Feeling moody & irritable in last month of pregnancy

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I'm coming up to my 36th week of my 2nd pregnancy. I'm 33. Despite the possibly stressful circumstances surrounding me at the moment -- gestational diabetes (insulin, blood tests, diet restrictions etc.), kitchen renovation for the last 3 wks (so no kitchen & the house is a mess because of it), a 4.5 yr old who's not taken to the upheaval in the house too well and has been a bit demanding and moody herself, and me generally feeling increasingly uncomfortable and tired, I can't help up feel that I'm experiencing some sort of pregnancy induced emotional mood swings. Unfortunately I'm having angry outbursts at my daughter, which warranted or not, I'm disturbed that I'm finding I have zero control over my temper right now. And it's happening almost on a daily basis at the moment. I don't know if she's become more difficult than usual lately or that I've got a much lower threshold of tolerance than I usually do. Maybe it's both. This in itself is making me feel particularly depressed. I don't want to permanently scar her or something.

Has anyone experienced such irritability and moodiness in late pregnancy like this? And how did you deal with it?


Bayyinah - posted on 05/21/2013




Yes, I am 33.5 weeks pregnant with my first child and I am highly irritated and especially at work. My face is so frowned up and I am grumpy and just want everyone to leave me alone and not ask me any questions. I just want to do my 8 hours and go home and prop up my swollen feet.

Diane - posted on 05/09/2009




I feel for you!! I am 30 weeks pregnant. We have been doing some kind of remodeling or another since January (only bathroom, new furnace, painting the living room). Then, my neice and nephew decided to give me (and only me) head lice for Easter. My grandmother had a massive stroke and passed away (bringing in out of town relatives to stay at my house), and I have a 7.5 yr old, 6.5 year old, and a 4.5 year old. I honeslty think that each pregnancy gets more hormonal, maybe it just seems like it.

I snap at my kids way more than I would like to. I know they are not doing anything different, but it sure seems like they are getting worse. This phase will pass...eventually:)


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Rachael - posted on 05/09/2009




I can relate. I was 8 months pregnant and Hurricane Ike hit our house. We evacuated which was horrible (twice) and two weeks later finally we got to go look at the damage to our house. We lived in my bf's parents guest room for about 2 months before we could move back to the upstairs in our house while downstairs was completely gutted. 8 1/2 months pregnant and going through all of my stuff and tossing it on the street was horrible. I was really moody, uncomfortable, couldn't sleep and was nervous about all of my medical problems and the upcoming birth. We finished the inside of the house yesterday now we have to do all of the landscaping because our yard is dead from salt water. I agree that your daughter is old enough to understand if you explain to her that you are not angry at her. Maybe have a play date with her at the park or take her to a movie, something to get you both out of the house and away from the chaos there.

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Oh my yes. I have three kids, 16 & 20 months apart. This last time around was terrible because we lived with my MIL and I hated it. I yelled at the kids constantly. I hated that I did it but I had no patience left, and I was very angry about being stuck where I was. Fortunately we got an apartment a month before I was due. After the baby was born my hormones settled down considerably, so while I am still plenty irritable (3 kids under 3 will see to that) rest assured, it will get better. You have a lot of outside stress with the diabetes and renovations adding to the regular moodiness and discomfort of pregnancy. When it would get really bad I would have to get away for a while, lock myself in the bathroom if I had to, and cry or whatever. I ate a lot of chocolate too! (Probably not good for the diabetes...) Maybe you can set up some playdates for your daughter to give you some more time to yourself. I always functioned better after a good long nap. Is there somewhere you can hang out on days they messy house gets to you too much? Just try to rest and remove as much aggravation as possible, and comfort yourself with the fact that in a few more weeks things will be on the upswing again!

Cristina - posted on 05/09/2009




Yes, I experienced this in my last few months of pregnancy and also the first few months after my son was born. I was working full time, and I took the frustrations out on my coworkers, which almost cost me my job. This was my first child, so at least I only had to explain what I was going through to an adult who could possibly understand. But I think a 4.5 year old is old enough to understand if you use the right words, like "Mommy isn't angry at you, I am just very tired because it is almost time for your brother/sister to be here. It's nothing YOU are doing to make me upset." And also try to take some time for yourself every night, after she goes to bed so she doesn't feel like you are getting away from her personally. But maybe just take a bath, have a glass of wine (ask your doctor, this late in the pregnancy, a little bit of wine will not hurt anything). Especially with your remodel, I am sure your life feels like chaos, so having a little time to come back together with your spirit (yes, it's still in there under all the hormones!) will make you feel more refreshed. Good luck!

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