Feeling Overwhelmed- 10 year old diagnosed with receptive/expressive

Meredith - posted on 11/06/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone. I am very grateful I found this group. Many of the posts have been so helpful. This is my first. My 10 year old little guy was diagnosed last year (in May) with receptive expressive language disorder and audio comprehension disorder. He has ADHD and always was within "normal" school standards but I KNEW there was a problem. I am a higher education professor I think everyone thought I was just crazy with expectations or something. But I KNEW he came home from school learning NOTHING. I would spend every night teaching the curriculum, which with a kid with ADHD- well I was going to lose my mind. So finally those standardized tests came along that everyone hates- and lo and behold my son scores needs improvement in 3rd grade. I ASK AGAIN there is an issue and am told- no, first time taking a test, the tests are stupid, he probably just spaced out that day. He bombs 4th grade test again ELA- NOW they are willing to listen and I get a full evaluation where he scores "normal" but the differences in his math versus ELA are so vast, the ELA is just borderline passing that a very astute speech and language pathologist at the school says- clearly he has this disorder. So now this year we have an IEP, he is getting therapy 2 times a week with her, one in a group, one session one on one. But he goes to middle school next year. And I am terrified, I just don't have the energy or capability to reteach him every single night the curriculum- but if I don't at this point, he would be lost. (I buy the textbooks off amazon at the beginning of every year if you are wondering how I do this). Its exhausting. But when I look for success stories for people who have overcome expressive/ receptive language disorders- I don't find any. I find many people NOT overcoming them, or struggling. Maybe people don't post the happy stories? But can anyone tell me what to do? I have an appointment after much searching for a private language specialist but that will still be once a week. Can someone tell me it will be ok? That I need to do x,y, z and while that will suck after some period of time- 2 years, 4 years- whatever- that it will get better? I don't need perfection. I just need my little guy to be self-sufficient, to be able to go out into the world on his own and learn. He is such a good kid. And as an academic- I know he CAN learn, but really the problem is he doesn't know HOW to learn. Help if you have any insight. (sorry for the long post, I am just so worried about my little guy).


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