Feeling overwhelmed!!!! I need advice!!

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This is my story! Im a very patient trustworthy kind honest girl. Him was very loving with me and our son. I had a very calm and happy life with my boyfriend and our son but that changed a month ago. I received a call from a girl requesting what i was to W. Of course i was taken back why she was asking me that. She then said that SHE was the girlfriend and not me. That she was calling to confirm my name and if we have a child together. Then she proceeded to say that he loves her and not me and that he was there with her, i could hear that she was confront him but i never hear him voice or anything but i knew something was going on! I called him but he did not answer! He never called me or came to see me right away nor the following day or the week! I went to look for him a work and he wasnt there (We work at the same place) She continue to call me saying to leave them alone, that he chose her, that they are getting married and so. She started to disrespect me calling me names. Of course i continue to call text him but nothing, i wanted answers, him telling if it was true or no. I felt abandoned, betrayed. How he could do that, why he didnt call me, why ignored us me the woman who loves him so much me who i was dedicated to him and our boy, me who never pressure him or gave him any reasons to do that. She continued to call me saying not to bother him that he chose her. And i realized that she knew i was calling him and texting him and i cry my heart out. It was so hard for me to handle all this, I couldnt do anything. I love him so much that i decided to wait for him to know why he walk away without saying anything. Finally one day i saw him at work, he didnt know how to talk to me. He said that he need to resolve some shit that everything would be fine.That he loves me. That he would come to see his son anytime soon. (he hasnt) He seemed distant. I talk to his mom and she asked me to give him time TO FIGURE OUT THINGS. Then i found out he HAS moved out from his parents and nobody told me. I dont know where he lives now. After 2 weeks i started to feel calmer and i forgive him for what he did if thats true, and i say we (his son and i) will be waiting for him when he is ready to talk. Then one day he texted me saying "that he is sorry for all the stress he put me through that we need to work together to raise our son good that he wants to be with me, that he is not with her and she is talking crap" and then he was silent again. Then one day i found him at work again and he got surprised of how thin i got, he said sorry that everything would be fine, that he loves me that he doesnt want me to get involved in his shit that that girl is crazy that she is different than me that im his goodness bla bla and he hugged me" I was calmer again trying to move forward and get past that. He started to be closer to me again. (but he hasnt made the effort to come to see his son or spent time with me) then she called again some days ago, telling me that why i continue to be with him if she is the girlfriend that they are trying to have a baby that she is the love of his life that he doesnt care about me and bla bla. Then she started telling her story that she knew all along that he was with me but because he told her he loves her and not me she decided to be with him, and it looks like its not only her there is another girl an ex, both of them are exes they are his past and i dont know anything my boyfriend past. It looks like both of them knew he was with me and have a son but they didnt care they only want wazim because he fuck them that he spend time with them and bla bla. Of course he doesnt come to see me and they know that. Now why she continues to call me if she knows that he doesnt call me or come to see me or our son, the only moment i see him its a work (everyone at work knows we are together) what they want from me, if they have him why bother me? Im not calm anymore, i feel so dissapointed on boyfriend, why he choose to share himself, why cant say anything to me, why flee, why keep silent. His mom said to give him time and wait for him because he knows im his best but it hurts that he was never honest to me. And all this i hear from that girl. He doesnt even have the courage to come and talk to me. He says he cant come to my house anymore because he doesnt know how to talk to me, then that means he is guilty. At work he acts like nothing is going on. I love him so much but i cant affort to let strangers call me again. His family doesnt know whats going either, they didnt know he was seeing them because im the only girl he introduced to his family. I spend time with them, Now when i have decided not to rush things, tnot to let drag on their game to focus on me and my son, i feel that something is out of place, i dont feel good walking away from him, i have an instinct and it doesnt feel right. help!!!


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He is a loser. He does not love you. He is not coming back. Take your baby and move on.

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