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I'm feeling some kind of way. My oldest son, whose 28, has an excuse whenever I ask him to come over for dinner etc. Recently I found out that he's been spending a lot of time at his father and step moms. I'm not jealous that alarmed that he wasn't honest with me. I want my son to have a great relationship with his father, however I'm feeling some kind of way because when his father and I divorced his father refused to pay child support etc. but now he gets all of his time? Confused!


Raye - posted on 04/26/2016




While you have every right to be upset about the father not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father over the years, you can't punish your child for that. Your son obviously needs this time and attention from his father right now. It's not a competition. It doesn't diminish all that you have done for your son or how grateful he is for that. It doesn't mean he loves you any less. It just means that, for whatever reason at this time in his life, he needs his dad a little more than his mom. Don't pressure him, but do continue to let him know you're still there for him. He will find his way back to you in his own time.


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