Female balding (Alopecia)

Blackwood - posted on 02/12/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Do any moms or your children have alopcia?? Hair loss, balding spots? I have Alopecia areata universalis. Total hair loss, everywhere. My story is short. Lost 2 pathes when I was 6 years old. Grew back in. Lost all my hair about 8/9 years ago, everywhere in a matter of a couple weeks. What is your story?


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Blackwood - posted on 02/12/2010




Hey ladies, Alopecia is an auto immune system disease, where your immune system attacks hair folics, like it would if you had a cold or are fighting a virus or infection. There isn't really any "known" reason. Some say hormonal, vitamins, some say it's in the family, other say stress. I've been checked for it all. The only thing I can say on a positive note that I could have lost my hair due too cancer treatments and I'm sure everyone would agree that is the worst case that could be for hair lose. With alopecia, hair doesn't thin out, it's balding, smooth spots. Some lose have an eyebrow, some lose it all including ear, eyelashes and any other hair that grows on your body. There are treatments, but are very unlikely to work and if they do, once you stop treatment, you will lose your hair again. There are pills, but can rot your tummy and cause worse problems then the hair lose itself. A liquid (similair to posion ivy) can be placed on your head,the thought your immune system will attack this instead, but can be very itch and spead to other parts of your body and shots, but you need to have many injected into your head. I know people that have tried them and they don't work. Sometimes if you have just a spot here and there, corizone (totally spelt wrong) cream will be given and this can work, but only on very mild cases. Sometimes other skin problems can occure with alopecia. and I have found, but nothings been proven that I will get every cold that comes my way and it will hang on for longer then the normal amount of time. It can be hard, and you do gets stares. I'm not one to were a wig becuz I feel "fake" and it isn't comfortable. I'll wear one once in awhile and like most ladies, it can be fun to dress up and have a nite out. My husband, friends and family are great. In fact we all joke about it, becuz even if I have my days that it kinda bothers me, it could be worse and in the end, it makes my different and interesting. I have a theory ( and I am totally joking) that I'm just ahead in evealution (again spelt wrong) and one day we will not have hair at all, cuz we dont' need. lol, best wishes ladies!!

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my hair is getting pretty thin at the top of my forehead- part my hair and it looks three times wider then it is.. i am alomst 37. so how did you handle it when you lost all your hair? I am so worried about mine...and when mine will be gone. Did it come out in hand fulls, or was it as you combed your hair.. I am so curious. anything that you/we an do about it?

Dara - posted on 02/12/2010




No story is that short...I know it's not easy losing your hair. My mother has experienced hair loss (not sure that it's alopecia, as it's still undiagnosed). It affected her life, her self-esteem. I know, I'm starting the same pattern my mother went down. Some days I feel like crying, others I just want to shout to everyone that I feel beautiful, no matter what!

I just want to say, that no matter what a woman looks like, she is beautiful in her own way! Be proud Momma!!!

Jessica - posted on 02/12/2010




I was to young to remember going bald but as a baby I was born with a ful head of dark hair and then at age 2 or 3 I think I went completely bald! (Ive seen the pics, pretty funny now) After I lost my hair it all grew back in a beautiful butter colored blonde and very thick, and I have had nice thick hair to this day! I'm 24 now, I'm curious if the same thing will happen with the little one I'm due with in May....I don't know if mine was a ccase of alopcia or just random balding though.. lol.

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