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I am the Mother of a seven month old baby girl who is extremely attached to me. My daughter has been sleeping with me since she was a newborn please don't judge me; because that was not the plan. My daughter has had a bassinet and a crib before she was born for her to sleep in (but that didn't work out as planned). I had to have an emergency c-section to deliver my daughter; which was really hard on me. Since my partner worked at night I have been always alone with my daughter. I didn't not want to take the pain meds because I would be really loopy and delirious; and I didn't not want that while being alone with a newborn. The first few nights she did sleep in her bassinet every time she would wake up and I would have to get her I was in excruciating pain and it was a struggle to even get out of the bed. It is only my partner and I they are the only one working and we did not have any help with my daughter. So pretty much the majority of the care-taking is on me so I put her in the bed with me so my incision would not open. She has been sleeping with me every sense, everyone say's that I need to put her to sleep in her crib because if not she will never want to sleep alone. I put her in her crib last night and she slept there but regardless of if I'm their waiting for her to go to sleep or not she cries and screams. She will scream at least for an hour, cringe, and look around as if she is scared. I put her in there again tonight and the same thing happened I sat in there and she was screaming bloody murder and then if I leave and let her be she still cries but she will eventually stop crying but it is excruciating hearing her like that. So I took her out and put her in my bed and she immediately fell asleep. I want her to to sleep in her crib but I don't think I can deal with her screaming like every night for at least an hour.... Have any of you other Mom's gone through this and can you help me????


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The method I use on my nephew is put him in his bed and tell him good night and kisses. I then sit on floor and say nothing. It does take a lot of patience and it hurts to hear him cry but he goes to sleep just fine. She just needs to know your there and she is safe. I slept with my first till he was three and didn't learn of this method till my kids were in their pre teens. It a method that Jo Frost uses and it works.Research her because there may be a different method for a child that young. Good luck.

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