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Debra - posted on 11/13/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am not a mother ,yet, but my sister referred me to this site and I get great advice all the time! To start I am going to BAMC for fertility treatments. I am terrified at this time from all the testing that they are going to have to do. For one, all the long needles freak me out. Two I have a double uterus and cervix and they said I may have to endure these painful testings twice! Plus I will have to see what congenital anomalies are going to be work and if they have to "fix" it. I have cervical cancer ( lvl 0) a while back but I recall the testing that they did anyway. It wasn't bad the first go but they had to do two times cause of my issues and I was in so much pain.
I am just scared and I cry because this is terrifying for me to know ill have to do in the near future. My husband works in radiology as a student there, but he doesn't understand the pain, worries and fear that I am going through. I hate hearing suck it up. Having a baby is worse pain, but im new to all of this and cant help but be lost and scared.
Is there anyone how has gone through the testing and can give advice or have at least one comforting thing about all of this.
* note I am 37% bmi and I need to be 30% and under. I lost 21 pounds to hit 37% so a bit more will be great. I am stating this because one of the treatments here require a certain body fat due to anesthesia/ breathing reasons.


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Sarah - posted on 11/13/2014




I do NOT intend to sound unkind. I have had babies of my own and I know how great that experience can be. However, you have so many complications, inducing the defect to your reproductive organs that are going to make this journey very long, very complex and very risky. If your hubby works in health care and seems apathetic to your fears and pain, who will be your support? Women with septal defects to the uterus (yours is a complete defect resulting in two uterus and cervix) have a very high risk of preterm delivery. Even if you do conceive, have you considered the possibility of a preterm baby?
There are other ways to be a parent, have you considered surrogacy or adoption?

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