fever baby, advice?

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my one year old is teething finally, has an ear infection (with tubes), and is running a 100.7 to 102.0 fever. she just cant shake this fever. doctor said its just allergies to keep givin her the antibiotic and breathin treatments, she wont drink anything or hardly eat. what do i do? im a single momma with no momma for momma advice.


America3437 - posted on 11/30/2012




Start out by giving her infant Motrin or Tylenol but Motrin works better. Then run a bit of luke warm water in the tub or kitchen sink. Luke warm is when you touch the water and it feels neither hot nor cold just room temp..basically you cant feel the temp of water. Let her play in the water for about 20 minutes then dry real well place in diaper and loose fitting cotton t shirt. This should lower the temp. For the most part you can take care of this little cold by getting some vic's for babies and rubbing it on baby's feet and put some socks on the baby. It is normal for babies to have temp with teething although they tell you it's not. I have raised three and worked in nursing so this is the best i know to tell you. The only thing is with the Motrin watch for allergic reaction like swelling in hands and feet as I have one that is allergic to it. If you don't think the doctor is right in his diaganosis then try another doctor or just take baby to er. keep me posted.

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