fighting a dirty custody battle

Brook - posted on 09/15/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




first of all i was never married to the father i am bisexual and this has all come out since the birth of my 9 month old son, the father has money i don't and i was working and lost my job, he took me to court and i had no attorney they gave him temporary custody, its a very complicated case totally, the case is not even in my county i have to travel to another county. alot of lawyers have even said his lawyer plays very dirty i need help i have no attorney and its all hear say no proof just lies from other bisexual girls who are jealous, if i don't get a lawyer i can loose my custody totally, i don't even know on what grounds he got my son, his father was not even around much when i was pg, nor would he help get supplies the baby would need and he started paying child support when he was 4 months old and at 8 moths old he took me to court and won temporary custody , he had been having people watching me since feb and he even would call me and get me in conversations and record them, nho drugs or abuse involved. please i need help and have no income, for 3 hrs the drilled me alone at the pendelite hearing, it seem to revolve around my sexuality, i need some help, any advise would be helpful, and any tips of help would be thankful, thank you


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Lacye - posted on 09/16/2012




Michelle she isn't talking about a different country. The court case is in a different county in the same state.

Brook, they can't just take your child away because of your sexuality. Your ex had to have had another reason. You need to find out what it is. I don't know about Alabama, but in Mississippi if the mother cannot get a lawyer, she can get help from DHS. Your best bet is to contact Legal Aid and see what they can do to help you. It will take a while to get it started but at least you will have the legal services for free.

Also, if the conversation is not about your child, DO NOT TALK TO HIM. Or whoever he is with. Your personal life is none of his business. Make sure your facebook is private and you have no pictures or statuses that can make you look bad. Yes they can be used in court.

Lastly, good luck. I know it must be hard on you to not have your son around. Just make sure you have a stable place to live, a job to show income by the time your court date comes around. Hopefully you will be able to get your child back.

Michelle - posted on 09/16/2012




It would help to know what country this is happening in. Every country has different laws.

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