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Brie - posted on 08/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello ladies. For the past year I've been in an abuse relationship. In September of 2012, I was 2 months pregnant. My baby's father choked me so I called the police. He was charged with domestic violence by strangulation and a restraining order was put on him. I moved out and moved to Mississippi. In January of 2013 I moved back because he promised he changed ( a lie ) January of 2013 he threatened to kill me and the baby his exact words were " f*ck you and the baby, ill kill y'all I hope she fu**king dies" I called the police and I put an assault charge on him, he also had a warrant out for his arrest for violation of a restraining order. His mother bailed him out . April 5, 2013 was the day my daughter was born. We were both happy to be parents. He is not on the birth certificate and the baby has my last name. Despite everything that happend I continued to live with him, re reading everything just makes me realize how foolish I am. Well july 30, 2013 was my breaking point. He didn't want to work, he hung around junkies so I packed all of my bags and was told by my friend to wait a few days. August 1, 2013 was the day I was leaving. I called my friend to come get the baby & I , my baby's father over heard and started an altercation. The baby was in the bedroom, we were in the kitchen. He started cursing me out, and we ended up wrestling on the floor. I tried to get him off of my as self defense. He threatened to kill himself if we left. He picked up a broken dish and cut his upper ear, I then tried to run outside to call the police, he grabbed me and I pushed him outside locking the door behind him. I grabbed my daughter and tried to call the police but i realized he took my phone ao as I unlocked the door he was standing there. The police began to knock on the door. He told me if I told them the truth he was going to lie and say I cut him. I was terrified I didn't know what to do. The police then kicked the door down. I was charged with domestic abuse and child endangerment, he wasn't charged with anything. I was in jail for 3 days while I was in jail he filed for temporary custody and put a restraining order on me. His story was i cut him, poured water on his phone so he couldn't call for help, and ran to a neighbors house for help. When the police arrived we were both in the house, if that is so why would he run for help and come back to the house ? His story is complete lies. when I was released from jail I tried to get my daughter and our belongings. The police told me I couldn't do anything until the court date. It's been 3 weeks the court date is Friday. He has a paid attorney, I cannot afford one. I just got a job, I have a stable home to live in. I do not do drugs. Im a Teen mom, ive never been this stressed in my life . my daughter is my world . Tomorrow morning I'm getting the documents of the charges I put on him. I'm fighting for full custody. He is a danger to me and my daughter. She is not in a safe environment with him. He is suicidal. The friends he hangs out with are no good, no education , and junkies. My baby's father is on probation and drug court. I would never try to keep my daughter from him, I just fear for her life when he was her alone. He doesn't sterilize her bottles, doesn't change her often, he doesn't work, his mother does everything. I'm just terrified for her safety, I cry every night not knowing if my daughter is okay. I tried to find lawyers but I cannot find one. Any advice what to do and say at court? I live in Louisiana . Thank you :(


Michelle - posted on 08/19/2013




Have you tried legal aid? Go to the court house and let them know you can't afford a private lawyer and require legal representation.

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