Fighting for my 2 daughters who were molested.

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I am fighting for my 2 girls. They had informed several therepist and CPS that their dad was molesting them. I am seperated from their dad, and he would only see them on the weekend. When the girls first spoke about this it was to their therepist. The therepist said she was going to report it to authorties, but she failed to do so. I then filed a restraining order so there father would not take them as he was trying to take them from school. Finally CPS came to question the girls and both girls told them what he does to them. But the worker said she thinks he is only washing them rough in the shower and doesnt think it is molestation. Thus causing the judge to deny a perm restraining order. After that my daughter was admitted to a psych hospital for want to hurt herself and others because she was scared of her father, since she had told on him. In the psych hospital she told the dr everything she was there over a week. CPS was called again by the DRs from the hospital and intervened and order that they take my daughters from me. I am a lesbian and I have a partner who love my girls and has been there for me through all of this. My girls were sent to my mothers house, but they are Jehova witnesses and do not agree with my lifestyle, and said that they would rather let their dad have custody of my girls them me because I am gay. They refuse to believe my daughters were molested. My family has choosen their fathers lies and manipulates them not to want to be with me. My family tells my girls I am bad because I am gay etc. I have supervised visitation, but was informed by a social worker that their dad will get to visit with them unsuprvised and is recommending he get custody of the girls. Yesterday I was visiting the girls and my mother said she caught my eldest daughter kissing and touching her younger sister, and I told my mother why she did not tell anyone.. She said she thinks its my fault that she did that. I have never shown my daughter any sexual behavior in front of them. I am so shattered inside and out. CPS has nothing on me except that they say that the girls want to live with their father................GOD PLEASE HELP ME! :(


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Tracey - posted on 06/15/2011




Oh my goodness!!!! Honey this does not sound right at all!!!
CPS has no say in weather you have chose to be gay straight or otherwise in terms of your relationship as long as you are providing a safe and loving environment. You NEED to get all of the details straight as to why the childrens father who should be under investigation is being recommended for custody and who is making the reccommendation. Information will be your biggest assett. Push for CPS to make the right moves by providing them with written statements from docs therapists etc. If all else fails demand a lie detector test for the father.

Danielle - posted on 06/14/2011




Oh my goodness!

What an ordeal.

I am not familiar with CPS, and am not sure what their standards are in such a case as this (molestation), so I am not sure if I can bring anything useful to the table... but here I go.

Is there any way you can request your children being removed from your families home, and be left in the care to a friend, or your partners family instead?

You should try to appeal to CPS that because of your families (absurd) religious views that they are bias to the entire situation.

Does CPS have on record that this is not a new situation, and that your daughters have entrusted this information to others? Can you contact the previous therapist, or the specific case worker to back up your story?

Is there any other evidence (a journal or otherwise) that would indicate molestation by the father?

Who has recommended the father for custody?

You should see if you could have a sit-down with the CPS worker and lay all the cards down on the table. Gather times, dates, doctors record... any information that will help solidify the case against the father.

I hope everything works out for you and your family!!

I am so sorry that this is happening to you.

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