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Dezarae - posted on 10/15/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




need some help im a teen mom nd i have a one year old.. tonight we had an hour of screaming... she wouldnt go to sleep but you can tell in her eyes she was really tired.. ive tried everything nd finally after letting forcing her to rock with me she fell asleep.. need advice is it bad to leave them in the crib crying for a little bit? or the incident tonight is it bad for her to scream like she was being hurt? idk if this normal but it scares me.. i dont know what to do lately:(


Heather - posted on 10/16/2012





I have been there, hope to never go there again. My boys are well beyond that age now. It seems to me that this issue is a personal preference, and sometimes even depends on the child. My younger son had no problem going to sleep anywhere as long as we did his bedtime routine. My older son though was a mess. He could keep himself up for hours crying, fussing, playing, anything to not fall asleep. When I started college and needed him to sleep so that I could get my homework done I finally had to go the route of letting him cry it out. The first night he screamed for over an hour. It tore me up inside to listen to him, but I had to at least try it. The second and third night was only 15 minutes. By the end of two weeks he was going to bed alone in his crib no problem. So if you have tried everything else and it hasn't worked, I think it is worth trying the let her cry way. I hope this helps. And I hope you find some peace and quiet.

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