Finally found a school I trust for my baby!

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My 21 month old has stayed home with me since he was born! I work nights and my husband takes over with our little man. It's been amazing, but extremely exhausting bc I work til midnight & not getting to bed til 1 or 2, then waking up early with my little one. He's done great at home, he gets bored though... So letting him go to school is hopefully going to help with his nervousness about crowds and let him come more out of his little shell! Education wise I couldn't be more proud, he can count to 15, knows his ABC's, and even knows his colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, & pink). He has said well over 250-300 words and can communicate with us pretty well most of the time. Though I've noticed he shuts down with other people and instead acts out which is a little heart breaking... So I'm hoping school will help with this issue. Can any moms shed some light on changes I can expect from my baby going to school? Lol


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Expect him not to want to leave you. Expect crying and melt downs. But the teachers will know how to deal with it. Once mom leaves they usually are distracted pretty quickly, and stop crying. Also expect him to be really tired after a long day at school. Good luck.

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