Financial responsibility for young adults

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Hi Everyone,
We have been looking after a now 17 year old teenager who was dumped at our house by her mother. After the youngster cited a history of verbal & psychological abuse from the family and for which has been verified with significant evidence as per her medical doctor & others etc etc. She was 5 months after moving in with us has retrospectively been granted funds from the government granting her an allowance of somewhere between $200-$400 per fortnight so that she may finish school etc etc (year 12 this year). I have requested that she pay $50/week board for the length of time she has stayed with us which was for over 6 months. The government payments have been retrospectively paid to her for this time with us whilst away from her parental home. She has since left our residence and is living with her boyfriend. In addition, during her stay, I have organised and she has been given a 1/3 discount (charitable reduction) for her new school & their fees by a christian college. Upon my request of paying $50/week, she has responded in writing rather than meeting me in person or calling by phone - that her lawyers have advised her she does not have to pay any contributions for her stay with us. Although I agree this is not a legal requirement because the young adult did not make a formal contract with us and also cites her age as a defence as well (I'm a child, not an adult yet) : would it not be reasonable in the normal adult world, to expect that if someone stays at a friends house for more than a week or so, when the the person has the financial capacity to contribute to family life and finances, for the young person to contribute. With the 1/3 discount in private school fees to an exclusive college and my own inability to pay for my own 13 year olds tuition due to the 10-21 days off I took off from work in order to ensure that this young lass is not left to prostitution etc etc & to obtain her government payment and attend her grandfathers funeral 3 hours away from our residence where I drove her there & back etc etc. I'm feeling more than a little used by a young adult who chooses to be irresponsible and not to contribute to normal financial responsibilities whilst she stayed with us. At no stage has the parents contributed anything during her stay.
There is the old adage: what goes around comes around, yet this does not pay for my daughters tuition.
I plan to show the young lass that perhaps responsible people such as those who do not know her, feel about her advisors advice and that perhaps societal responsibility means that we are not the only person on the planet. Who thinks similarly with me in that what I have requested is reasonable as it would still allow for her to budget the rest of her life and pay for the 2/3 of her school fees, transport to & from school, rent to her boyfriend's father, food, clothes etc etc etc.
A penny for your thoughts.

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