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Jodi - posted on 10/27/2015




Well, I think there is something you are not telling, because if you have your children 100% of the time, and the wages you both have are what you have stated on that website, you should be getting more than that according to the Department of Human Services. Does he have other children? Are the children Australian Citizens? Are YOU an Australian Citizen? Is HE and Australian Citizen? (I ask all this because you say plus medical care, but you can get that for free, so......). Are you receiving any government benefits? Does he see the children or is it 100% in your care?

Something just isn't adding up and the full story is not being told.

And I say this from the perspective of a woman who gets less than you do to raise her child - yep, I get a whole $34 a month and have done for years. $22 a week would be a step up.


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Jacqueline - posted on 10/27/2015




Thank you for your reply Jodi,

I appreciate your questions.

The children are in my care 100% of the time. Our Australian residency is pending. We are not eligible for any benefits. I don't agree with taking a benefit, if i am fit to work, which I am. Getting a job isn't as easy as one might think. I haven't given up hope or stopped applying. I've moved into my car. So that I can eek out the remainder of my savings. I am hopeful that i am a few weeks away from getting a job. The kinds of work, I am experienced with are high paying and that is where I looked first of all. I have now set my sights on meaningful employment with a lower wage. Something, I credit to the recent adjustment in my living situation. I am grateful to have grown as a person, through the process. I feel enriched and happy.

With a 13 year history of child support claims, the pattern has been the same.

I hear you, regarding the low child support payments you receive. This is the point of the petition. I believe that the current child support calculation ratio is out-of-step. I wonder, if a bill to equalise the amount that a non-custodial parent contributes, one that comes more in line with the costs that the custodial parent faces, is called for?

I believe that too many non-custodial parents get away with manipulating the current system. Would a 50/50 contribution of basic living costs, be fairer?

I have the paperwork in front of me. Baffled myself, I called the Child Support Agency today who advise the reason I don't receive the assessed amounts is because my ex-husband puts in what is called a request for "adjustment".

This is a tactic is one that my ex husband "appears to use" every year. The pattern has been the same for 11 years. On average, he has to be working 80 hour weeks during the winter months putting him on track for an annual income of $56,000.00 and then he "runs out of work" (it appears he is smart enough to only be on a casual contract, in an industry where there is always plenty of hours for him to clock up) in time for the gardening business to pick up over the summer months.

It is a loop hole and he isn't the only one utilising it. Every year, during the summer months, my ex-husband turns to working for himself mowing lawns and gardening. A lot of the work is paid in cash. It appears, that his partner runs that income through her name, even though he is loading the truck and doing the work with her, full-time.

The reason that I started the petition is that I believe this kind of loophole needs to be addressed so that non-custodial parents cannot get away with manipulating the system like this. It is unjust. On behalf of all custodial parents, who receive minimal child support contributions, I say, it's time to draw a line in the sand. so, will you sign the petition?

I trust that this makes more sense now. I will add this information to the story by way of an update.

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