Finding a school to a non-american daugther! Please help!

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I am from Brazil. My husband will work on Silicon Valley. I am looking for a school to our 12 years old daugther. I have so many doubts! Where she will be accept without problems because she is brazilian? Public schools are good? Thank you in advance!


Chet - posted on 11/15/2014




I'm sorry I can't be of much help. Hopefully somebody else will respond with more detailed information.

We lived in southern California very briefly, and were expecting to get relocated to Silicon Valley. I researched the schools some, and felt that the public schools generally looked good.

I wouldn't worry about your daughter having issues because she is from another country. Silicon Valley is an extremely diverse place.

This was published in in Business Week in the summer. It shows all of the different places Silicon Valley draws it's workers from:

Most of the people there are from somewhere else.

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