Finding out the sex or not!

Nikita - posted on 11/28/2010 ( 23 moms have responded )




did you decide to find out what your babies sex was when you were pregnant? Why or why not??

We decided not to. and will be doing the same next time.. We had a boy and it was such a nice suprise to find out after 9 months and a 23hour labour what we had. Throughout the pregnancy we called him PeeWee. He still had nice clothes and toys etc just not Pink or Blue!


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/10/2010




I definately found out. I wanted to wait with my second, but alas..I did not. I am an instant gratification kind of a girl, and wanted to know. I have no regrets. It is a very personal decision, and I think it is awesome that you could wait!

Melissa - posted on 12/10/2010




With my first (a girl) I found out, and wanted to with my second. I like to be organized, but things don't always turn out the way you expect. So after three unsuccessful ultrasounds, the baby was going to be a surprise (sigh).

I have to admit it was interesting getting everyones guesses (90% of people said boy). Buying clothes was not easy as there is hardly any neutral colours, but made do.

When the magical time came I had asked the Doctor and Nurses not to tell me the sex as I wanted my fiance to. When the "baby" came out , it seemed like an eternity before he told me that it was a GIRL!

I have to admit when I was pregnant I hated not knowing, but it made for a wonderful surprise and I'm glad it happened that way. If I was to have another one I think I would have the surprise again. Also I think it's better not knowing at all then being told your having one sex and the other "pops" out.

Janice - posted on 12/03/2010




My son and his partner just could not wait to find out and now with 6 weeks to go they have finally agreed on a name. Some of the first ones were not what I would have chosen but they have at last found a name that I think everyone likes. LOL

Lise - posted on 12/01/2010




I found out with our first, the doctor kept saying she so we thought she knew. Turns out after asking the ultrasound tech if she was still a girl (she was) our doctor calls all babies she. With our second we made sure not to find out and I loved it. I was so sure when I delivered her that she was a boy when my husband showed her to me and asked if I could see what she was I thought I was missing something. I feel it is so much better NOT finding out. It's one of the few surprises we have left in life.

Bonnie - posted on 12/01/2010




There is no way I could go 9 months to find out the gender so with both our boys we found out. If we do have a third we will more than likely find out again. It's just too much pressure and guessing for 9 months lol.

Sondra - posted on 12/01/2010




I like that idea Jackie. That would be very fun. The only thing is my husband would tell and my best friend would tell her husband which is my twin brother and he would end up telling me.

Sherri - posted on 12/01/2010




Oh yes with all 3. I am a planner I wanted nursery all set up, gender specific clothing. I also wanted to call the baby by a specific name not just baby. I also wanted to let people know so they could start to shop and not have to wait till baby was born.

Jackie - posted on 12/01/2010




I couldn't help it. I just HAD to know. i wanted a girl sooo bad and I got her!

I think that maybe, next time around I'll let the doc tell either my best friend or hubby and they can plan without me knowing. They can set up the baby room and such and not let me in on it. That would be fun

Sondra - posted on 12/01/2010




Congrats! That is how my sister is. She has 3 very large boys and no girls. She is soooo out numbered. I am just thinking that since i found out with the first two and they were girls that if i dont find out with the next one it will be a boy.hopefully.

Megan - posted on 12/01/2010




We wanted to know, but even if we had not wanted to know, looking at the ultra sound it was pretty easy to figure out as he was stretching and flopping around as they did the US. If we have another one we will probably find out again but maybe not.

Laura - posted on 12/01/2010




I found out with all of mine, I'm impatient and can not wait. Plus with the one I'm having in Feb I was so sure I was having a girl, I mean I just knew it was a girl (I have 2 boys already) so I had to find out because I knew that if it was a boy and I went 9 mo thinking girl I would be disappointed. And I was wrong...boy #3. Hopefully I'll get the name I really want this time though :)

Sondra - posted on 12/01/2010




We did find out but we didnt want to. Our families were being very annal about it and instead of dragging the fighting further we decided to find out. It was better. Our next baby we arnt going to find out though.

Lucy - posted on 12/01/2010




We were happy to have a surprise for our first, as we really didn't mind either way and I hate the blue for boys pink for girls thing! We bought cute clothes mostly in white, but some yellow or green.

With our second we decided to find out to try and make things simpler for our daughter. She was only going to be 16 months when he was born, so her understanding was very basic. We thought it was easier for her to process the information that she was soon getting a baby brother rather than she would soon be getting either a baby brother or sister.

The sex made no difference to us either way, we would have been as happy with two girls or two boys as we are with one of each.

[deleted account]

We found out with our oldest, but not our youngest - but not for lack of trying! She was being stubborn... :D

I did like knowing - we could have her name all picked out, tested and ready - we had a dresser full of purple clothes and pink burp rags - and our oldest LOVED telling all her friends at school that she was having a sister

We also liked not knowing because it was a fun suprise to overide the stress of the birth (my doc didn't listen to me or my hubby and as a result I had a very stressful and painful delivery). Of course, the girl name we had picked out just in case didn't fit my darling AT ALL and I knew it as soon as I saw her, but she and I talked about it all that night and figured out what her name was to be, so it wasnt a big hassle to not know her sex beforehand (the name we first picked was wrong anyway! lol). It was a bit of a hassle getting gender neutral clothes, but we ended up getting a bunch of white onsies ('cause we would use them any way!) and then got the girly stuff after she was born.

We're not having any more kids (3 are enough!), but if we did I think we would find out again. I like being organised and I like knowing what's coming. Yes, I enjoyed the suspense of not knowing with my last, but at the same time I really wanted to know the whole time - she was just being her stubborn little self during the last ultrasound and wouldn't turn around! lol

Casey - posted on 11/28/2010




we found out with our son cause I just can't wait lol, and we will be finding out with this one too but we won't be telling anyone it's a nice little secret just for me and my partner. I like being able to buy the right colour and being organised and I was looking in baby shops the other day and there is really not alot out there in gender neutral colours.

[deleted account]

I grew up thinking, "When I get pregnant, I don't want to know the sex....I want it to be a surprise." Flash forward through my 20's, several miscarriages and half of my 30's and there I was pregnant again, farther along than I had ever made it before. My husband and I both decided that we wanted to know. For me, after losing so many babies so early on in pregnancy, not knowing the sex of any of them, somehow knowing the sex of my son cemented it for me....sort of made it more real. There were other reasons though. We were excited to decorate with "boy colors" or "girl colors" and I wanted to start buying clothing. I mean, if he had been a she, I would have bought dresses and you can't get much more gender specific than that lol Mostly though, we just wanted to know, so we found out when the opportunity arose. I remember laying there on the table at my 20 week appointment. The tech asked if we wanted to know the sex and we both said yes. When she told us we were having a boy I busted out crying and my husband was holding me. The tech says, "Oh, I'm sorry! Is that not a good thing?" I pulled away from my husband, tears streaming and told her it was the best thing I had ever heard. I wouldn't have cared either way (although I did secretly hope for a boy lol). I was just happy he was healthy and had a name. And a week later, he had blue walls and a stuffed football from Daddy lol

Pip - posted on 11/28/2010




1st 3 I didn't find out about, for the sheer joy of the surprise but with the last 3 I did so i could be organised. Their births were just as good though as what they would look like became more the focus.

Schyla - posted on 11/28/2010




we found out with both of our girls and didn't want to know this time around however when the ultrasound tech put the thing on my tummy my 4 and half year old yelled "the baby has a penis just like daddy" and the tech was so surprised that she'd figured it out she just laughed and said Yes that what that is!!

Keshia - posted on 11/28/2010




we did with our first we were hoping for a girl so bad so I wanted to know asap so I could buy all ind sof cute stuff but then found out it was a boy and we wanted to make sure we got everything settle before he was born we did his whole room in sports and with #2 due may 28th I kidn of want it to be a surprise but yet I have to know I hate surprises or not knowing something and we are hoping for a girl so bad but trying to not jinx it

Vegemite - posted on 11/28/2010




for our first we found out the sex just because we wanted to buy nice boy or girl things. We both couldn't agree with the second my husband was too impatient to wait and I wanted a surprise. So he looked at that part of the ultrasound and I didn't, it was hard for him to keep a secret but it was fun. He was scared he would mess up and say he or she when talking about the baby so he would randomly use both so if he did let it slip i wouldn't know and he says he did slip a few times.

Stifler's - posted on 11/28/2010




We found out the sex because we were too impatient! And wanted to choose a name. I want to find out with this one too!

Tammy - posted on 11/28/2010




No, we didnt find out the sex of our firstborn either. and we wont for our next one either. I think its much more exciting not knowing, and people love to guess the sex of the baby too. When I was in labour, our family all got together and had drawn up a table of guesses with sex and weight-they had a blast doing it! The only thing was it was a bit difficult buying clothes as there was rows of pink or blue and not much in between! We had a boy, and after 9mo and 39hours of labour for me, I totally agree its a lovely way to find out. We actually forgot to check for the first couple minutes- our baby got lifted onto my chest and we were both looking at him like 'wow, look what we have created' then the midwife said 'what do you have?' and it was like "oh! better check! its a boy!" :)

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