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Gemma - posted on 06/25/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, im struggling for new ideas for finger food for my 7 month old.... any ideas?


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Rhionna - posted on 06/29/2009




my boys loved cucumber sticks, they could eat the middle and "gum" the dark green outer, it was great for them when they were teething as it was also cool!

they also liked toast or bread fingers, bread sticks that can be dipped into things (mild salsa, sweetcorn relish, chocolate spread etc).

my kids really liked peppers, and carrots as well, they only used to gum them but it got them used to new flavours!

Good luck and have fun! x

Stina - posted on 06/25/2009




At 7 months, it's all finger food. Your baby will be messy but let him have what you are eating in small amounts- they love exploring the textures and it will set the stage for a kid who eats a wide variety of food... Also, make utensils available for your baby to explore. While it will be a while before eating with utensils is mastered, you'll be surprised at how soon you see your baby trying to mimic how you eat with the babyware.

Try- different types of beans, cooked noodles of various shapes- I used to mix pasta with a little bit of baby food ... bits of cheese, of course cereal but as the spoon skills pick up, mix the cereal with yogurt instead of putting milk on it- baby can eat the cereal with a spoon and you don't have to worry about a big milk spill.

Jennifer - posted on 06/25/2009




Tofu cubes, pasta wheels or macaroni, ripe avacado, cubed pears or peaches, soft peas . . . basically anything soft because 7 months isn't quite old enough to really be chewing yet. My son loves bananas- but not too much as it can cause constipation.
Right now, finger food is really for fun and practice as most of his/her nutrition should still be from breastmilk or formula :)

Nicole - posted on 06/25/2009




They make these puff things that dissolve in their mouth, I give them to my 6 month old, but he hasn't quite got the concept of chewing yet. You can also use cooked pasta and bananas, anything soft really.

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