First birthday party troubles

Mariah - posted on 04/24/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




So I am having trouble trying to find a cute theme for her first birthday party in June and I hate waiting until the last minute, the themes discussed were; doodlebops, Mickey mouse club house, little bill, and frozen. There has been no agreement on an age appropriate theme and I really need help with age appropriate activities and food ideas for the babies and adults....


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Dove - posted on 04/24/2016




She's 1... she won't care. Have a small, family party w/ a simple meal and cake and call it done.

Michelle - posted on 04/24/2016




I'm with Evelyn, it's only the 1st birthday. There is no need for themes at all, it's just an extra expense.
I have never done themes for any of my children's birthdays and they have all enjoyed their birthdays.
Why do people go overboard for their children's birthdays? The day should be about celebrating the day they were born with people that mean a lot to them, not who has had the best theme and party.

Ev - posted on 04/24/2016




A first birthday party is more for the adults than the kids because they will not remember a bit of it. I would keep it a simple party for family and close friends. Have a put luck meal, cook out, or something like that and have the family and friends bring a side dish or main dish but you provide the drinks and cake and ice cream. Unless you are going to ave a lot of older kids around, activities for babies are not necessary as they won't really get into special games or anything. Most adults like to visit and watch the kids just play. Themes can cost a lot of money and all the stuff that goes with it for decorations, plates, cups, napkins, accessories, goody bags and other things. A few fun things like balloons, bubbles, music, and outside are great place for a birthday party for any age.

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