First Day of School for 5 yr old: Mother overreacting and caused at scene during lunchtime

Ann M - posted on 08/31/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




What can a concerned family member do? The Father of a 5 year old prepared a small snack for his child and put the snack in a small lunch box. At lunchtime the child took the lunch box into the cafeteria, the ladies that where in charge told the 5 year old that he could not go through the lunch line because he had a lunch box. The 5 year old went to the lunch table and just sat there because he did not know what else to do, as his father told him the snack in his lunchbox was for snack time. The child's Mother came to check on the child and saw him sitting there, while all the other children were eating their lunch, the Mother had a fit and started yelling at all ladies in the lunchroom. The Mother went to the lunch line and grabbed a lunch for the child and made him eat it, as all the other children were leaving due to lunchtime was over. Since the second day of school the child has been harassed by the school cafeteria staff, made to sit out on the floor of his classroom and a letter sent to the parents. (Note: The Mother is very young, uneducated, not very well spoken, uses horrible language, has 2 other children and do not live in a good environment) When we found out what happened at school, I called and spoke with the school Secretary. After that conversation, my husband and I opened up a lunch account at school for this 5 year old, as he is loved very much by other family members. We would like to go to the school and speak with the school officials to explain the situation. This child has lived with us on and off for 5 years and has his own room in our house. This is breaking our hearts and we need to help this child. Suggestions please.


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