first pregnancy over seas with husband he is hard to handle

Lola - posted on 07/31/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm american he's british i came here to be with him. before i left i was promised he's done all this stuff for me but when i got here its like he's a different person. I was on medication for chronic anxiety and depression and we agreed id get off of them so we could have a child.
however it seems as though I'm nothing but an accessory. he doesn't discuss things with me, every time i bring something up he snaps and starts arguing. but then he got me a cat so i wouldn't be so alone. since when I'm off my medication i can't work.
every day we get into it over what seems like to me nothing but to him I'm bringing him down. and he says i don't appreciate anything he does.
meanwhile the way i see it i come from living lavishly back home & i gave all that up to live in a shared house, something I'm extremely uncomfortable with and despise.
he tells me things like he can't stand me
he doesn't like coming home because he has to be near me
that i should call my mother & tell her to buy me a plane ticket back home

meanwhile during all of this I'm pregnant about 7 weeks today
so my mother is forcing me to stay here she won't let me go home
all i want to do is get away from him
even just for a while
i just want to go home

i don't even care if anyone responds i just needed to let it out.

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