First Summer Visitation and things arent right

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Hello all. I'm sure this issue has been dealt with here before but the more I read the more I find to worry about. I have a 4 year old who MIGHT be staying with his father for summer break and I am very worried. First of all my ex lives with a woman and their one year old child. She has 4 daughters from a previous marriage and my ex also has two children besides ours. Ages range from 1 year to 16 years. There are 8 children in their apartment at one time every two weeks. My son has had visitation with them for a year and all seems to be going well. However with summer break coming up soon and not knowing if my ex is going to exercise his right to it I am worried about a lot of things. My son has delayed speech and some delayed development. So far his speech has not caused any problems as my ex and his girlfriend have been able to decipher his needs. Potty training however has been a constant struggle for two years but my mother and I have him on a schedule that he finally seems to be doing pretty well on. His father however REFUSES to potty train him when he has him. I'm offered a million excuses even though I've explained how his not training him sends us right back to square one for days after he's home. Also even though I was told our son has a bed of his own to sleep in I doubt in considering there are 8 children in a two bedroom apartment. Finally what worries me most and what I need to be prepared for is who is going to watch our son while the adults in that house work. I REFUSE to let his girlfriends teenage daughter watch my child along with all the others. I don't agree with children watching children. Does his father have a right to allow anyone to watch our son or can I intervene in cases of strangers or minors being put in care of my son? If he chooses to take him for summer break the transition is going to be hard enough for us both without me worrying about his safety of without my son being lost in the mix of a house full of other kids on summer break. Someone please tell me if I have any ground to stand on regarding any of these concerns of mine.


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It would be best for you to talk to your lawyer about your concerns. You can bring anything up in court that you want, but whether or not you have a legitimate case in your particular case depends on too many variables for some random answers from random women on a message board.

I definitely see where you have cause for concern, but whether or not it will hold up in court.... no one on here can tell you with any certainty.

Good luck!

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